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Early Learning Center In Margate, Florida

Early Learning Center Margate

Early Learning Center Margate

Early Learning Center Margate

An Innovative and Interactive Learning Approach in Early Learning Center Margate. We follow guidelines through Florida VPK Readiness standards. Language and Reading are based in the Florida Center for Reading Research (FCRR). Math combines hands-on and written activities based on Florida Benchmarks where a child develops understanding into a pattern.

Our curriculum provides certain activities which facilitate the transition from one class to another, promoting self-sufficiency and following simple directions. It integrates early literacy, math, social studies, science, social – emotional development, creative arts, physical movement, health, and technology.

Early Learning Center Margate Toddlers & TWO’s:

At this very early stage, we promote students to express themselves in a safe and cheery environment, by playing on centers, imitate words and activities, recognize body parts, counting 1-5, and so on. With the curriculum, we encourage them to expand vocabulary, identify colors and shapes, and some letters of the alphabet. Children are exposed to sensory and finger painting activities that involve hand- eye coordination.

Circle time is structured to get the children sit and listen to books and songs. Outdoor activities such as climbing, running, and jumping are performed. Potty training process should be done by the time they move to the next classroom (Prek3).

Early Learning Center Margate

Early Learning Center Margate

Early Learning Center Margate – OUR MISSION:

To provide a safe, loving and nurturing environment where children can experience innovative and interactive learning for their social, emotional and academic development.

This mission will be accomplished by:

Hands-on learning to enhance creativity.

Reading, writing, mathematics, social studies and science curriculum.

Self-expression and values such as respect for oneself, other children and adults, friendship, cooperation, and sharing.

Educating children cognitively, emotionally, socially and physically.

Inspiring children to take care for the environment as part of every day’s learning.

Early Learning Center Margate:

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Coral Springs Fl 33076

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