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VPK Schools In Tamarac, Florida

VPK Schools Tamarac

VPK Schools Tamarac

VPK Schools Tamarac

Our reading and language arts program in many cases exceed the Common Core Standards for Reading and Language Arts, we emphasize Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, HFW Recognition, Fluency, Comprehension, Writing and more. Students are encouraged to practice and refine skills on Computers (Starfall Program).

Our Math program combines hands on and written activities based on Florida Benchmarks. Children begin to count, sort and manipulate sets of objects. Children also begin to identify and compare two- and three- dimensional shapes and to explore symmetry as they build with blocks and other concrete objects.

Each week the children are involved in enrichment activities. We incorporate as
part of our curriculum Fun Family Projects to promote parents involvement, we pretend
to travel around the world while they learn about different cultures. Children also work
on: cooking projects, Science experiments, they learn about world known artist through art projects, and much more.

VPK Schools Tamarac

VPK Schools Tamarac

VPK Schools Tamarac – OUR PHILOSOPHY:

iPlanet Academy Preschool believes in the interaction among children, parents, and staff.

We welcome parents to participate with us at any time to enrich the children’s continuous learning process in a supportive and secure “home away from home” environment.

VPK Schools Tamarac – OUR VISION:

To promote the healthy – safety growth and development of children. Providing a high quality nurturing environment, with interaction among children, parents and staff, and an individual attention which encourages the development of a healthy, strong, independent and confident child.

We follow guidelines through Florida VPK Readiness standards. Language and Reading are based in the Florida Center of Reading Research (FCRR).

Math combine hands on and written activities based on Florida Benchmarks where child develops understanding into pattern.

VPK Schools Tamarac:

10601 Wiles Road
Coral Springs Fl 33076

Phone: (954)755-6049

Fax: (954)755-6069

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